Memoir is French for the study of memory. Before smartphones, we had precious instamatic
 photos. Cameras didn't dictate our realities. Instead, they reflected them. They were happy
 reminders of who we were and where we were headed. Friends, family, tastes, views, smells, and
 feels were realized in the moment. Our senses are captured best by memories embossed on our
 hearts, keeping them beating; thriving...fleshed out with what is true, honorable, just, pure,
 lovely, gracious. If excellent, worthy of praise, think on these. Phil 4:8. I try to write that way.

Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Susan hopped swimming pools, ran the orange groves, and swam the salty Atlantic as a blonde coppertone kid. After a born again conversion at 19, she met Rob and later their six children. At 33, she reconciled her Christian faith with the Roman Catholic Church is now living the happily ever after. In her middle years, she is filling those blank white pages in writing about autism and faith, from the vantage point of a old lifeguard stand.